"Over the top" TV, also known as OTT, refers to long-form professionally produced media content such as TV shows and movies that are distributed over the internet instead of through a set-top box that receives a cable or s atellite feed. Most OTT TV is watched at home on large-screen TV's just like traditional television. Because it is internet-based, OTT TV can also be streamed to personal computers, tablets, and smartphones either at home or away from home.
Audience-based targeting is the practice of using information advertisers or third parties have gathered about consumers to deliver advertising to those who are likely to have an interest in their products or services. For example, a consumer electronics manufacturer might use information collected on warranty forms to target ads to customers likely to be interested in its latest product, or an airline might direct ads to consumers who recently visited travel apps on their smartphones.
Internet-connected devices like those used to power OTT TV have unique electronic signatures that can be associated with households using anonymized numerical identifiers. Information advertisers or third-party sources have about household interests and behaviors can then be synched to these anonymized identifiers via a secure encryption process. By choosing to opt out of audience-based OTT targeting on OptOut.TV, information about your household's interests and behaviors will not be provided to participating companies that deliver audience-targeted OTT advertisements. This prevents these companies from delivering audience-based OTT ads to your household.
Opting out of audience-based targeting does not mean that your household will no longer receive any OTT advertising. It merely prevents participating companies from using information about your household's interests and behaviors to influence the OTT ads you receive.
Not necessarily:
  • Some audience-based ad targeting occurs outside of OTT TV. For example, if your cable or satellite TV service has an "on demand" programming mode, you may receive audience-targeted ads while using that feature.
  • In addition, some cable and satellite TV providers deliver audience-targeted ads to their customers' set-top boxes during certain programs or at certain times of day.
  • While the majority of companies that deliver audience-based OTT advertising are OptOut.TV partners, a few companies are not currently participating.
In order to ensure accuracy, consumers seeking to opt out of audience-based OTT advertising via OptOut.TV should do so at their primary residence.
It's a good idea to renew your decision to opt out via OptOut.TV if you move, switch to another internet-service provider, or change pay-TV providers.

OptOut.TV is the only privacy opt out solution that works across OTT devices and broadcasters. Choosing to activate device-level or broadcaster-specific opt out features will not reduce the privacy control provided by OptOut.TV, and in some cases may provide additional exemption from audience-based OTT targeting.

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