What is OptOut.TV?

OptOut.TV is the only privacy opt out solution for streaming "over the top" TV (OTT) audience-based ad targeting that works across OTT devices and broadcasters. OptOut.TV believes that you, the consumer, should have the right to choose to participate in, limit, or completely opt out of audience-based OTT ad targeting.

Mission of OptOut.TV

The mission of OptOut.TV is to bring higher-level privacy control and an enhanced consumer experience to streaming television.

OptOut.TV allows consumers to opt out of audience-based OTT targeting at the household level, as opposed to the individual device or broadcaster level. By providing a household-level opt out solution, consumers have the ability to control the use of information for audience-based OTT targeting across all internet-connected TV devices and screens within their household, including large-screen televisions, personal computers, tablets, and smartphones.

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